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Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation Guide

Getting around town in Washington, DC during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival can be easy if you know transportation tricks. Because a million visitors flock to this area to take in the spectacular blooms, driving around town on your own can be challenging. Luckily, Washington, DC has topnotch public transportation options, so you can avoid traffic delays and parking snafus. Relax and enjoy your springtime vacation with these Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation Guide tips.

Bicycling Around at the Festival

Riding a bike can be one of the most pleasant things to do in Washington DC, especially during the Cherry Blossom Festival. When you ride a bicycle, you get to experience the vivid pink cherry buds and blossoms more clearly than when you’re riding in a vehicle. If you attend the festival on a weekend, you can take advantage of free bike valet service at the Jefferson Memorial parking lot from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. There will also be extra bike racks positioned around Tidal Basin.

Taxis Are Easy Transportation Options

To get yourself around to events at the Cherry Blossom Festival, you can easily hail a taxi. The easiest places to grab taxicabs are in front of major attractions, near your hotel, outside of Union Station, and along the busiest streets. If you travel with a group of people, cabs can be surprisingly inexpensive. Taxis certainly are convenient, too, because they will pick you up wherever you are and deliver you to your desired destination fairly quickly.

Water Taxis Give Enjoyable View

For a unique transportation method that gives you a great view of the cherry blossoms, consider taking a water taxi. These boats go from Georgetown’s Washington Harbor to the Tidal Basin and aren’t just a way to get from Point A to Point B; they are a sightseeing adventure all by themselves. Tickets cost 15 dollars for a round-trip ride, or you can ride one way for a mere 10 bucks.

Metrorail Can Get You There

Washington’s Metrorail, which is the regional subway system, can also get you to the festival, but you may face long lines and waits during peak travel times, so plan ahead. One way to save time is to purchase your fare in advance. The Metro is a safe, tidy, and reliable option. To travel to Tidal Basin, take the rail to the Smithsonian Station; then walk to 15th Street via Independence Avenue.

Parking if You Drive

If you decide to drive, plan ahead for parking, as it is quite limited in Washington, DC. While there are some free spots, you will most likely have to pay to park. Rates range from around eight to 24 dollars. You can park in covered parking garages, downtown public lots, and places like Union Station. After parking your vehicle, you’ll need to walk quite a ways to see the blossoms, so be sure to wear the right shoes and attire.

During the festival, blossoming cherry trees can be enjoyed all over the city. Not only can you see the visual delights, but also you can sample blossom-inspired cocktails, chocolates, and menu items at fine dining establishments. Once you learn how to get around town with this Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation Guide, you can settle in and have fun.


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