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Sample the City With DC Food Tours

One of the tastiest ways to investigate the cultural diversity around the nation’s capital is to embark on DC food tours. By sampling menu items from a variety of neighborhood cafes and restaurants, diners can come to understand the flavors and personalities of the region. Along with trying an assortment of ethnic and regional dishes, guests can learn from their friendly tour guides who point out historical sites and architectural details along the route. In and around Washington, DC, there are plenty of areas to explore during educational and delicious food tours.

Capital Hill

It takes approximately three hours to walk through Capital Hill’s historical streets, stopping to dine at a diverse selection of restaurants. Eating spots vary by the tour, but a typical selection may include restaurants that serve soul food, Greek cuisine, Salvadorian dishes, Spanish fare, and American desserts. You’ll also learn about former inhabitants of this neighborhood, such as the iconic FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, and the American composer, John Philp Sousa.

Dupont Circle

The district surrounding Dupont Circle is full of artistic, creative people and places. In this neighborhood, you’ll see plenty of art galleries in addition to trendy restaurants and bars. While strolling around and stopping at various cafes and bistros, you’ll take in some of the oldest, most stunning architecture in the area. Culinary offerings vary, but some foods popular in this neighborhood are Japanese dishes, Moroccan cuisine, African teas, Malaysian drinks and street food, plus some scrumptious regional-seafood dishes such as crab cakes.


The Georgetown neighborhood is another popular food-tour possibility in the DC area. Georgetown was a port city years ago, and then it gained notoriety when the Kennedy clan moved in. It is an area known for fashion as well as high-end culinary delights. When you tour Georgetown, you will likely dine on dishes such as handmade pastas, European flatbreads, recreations of Presidential favorites, and French cuisine.

Little Ethiopia

You don’t have to travel to Ethiopia to sample its cuisine. In the neighborhoods around U Street and Shaw, there is a large Ethiopian community. In this area, you can sample Ethiopian breakfast foods, appetizers, main dishes, honey wine, and breads. This three-hour tour is one to remember.

Old Town Alexandria

If you want to explore historical row houses and mansions, Alexandria is a spot to tour. This city has been vibrant and prosperous for more than 200 years, so you’ll be able to experience both new cuisine and colonial architecture. Some foods and beverages you may dine on during your three-hour tour are regionally crafted beer, Virginia peanuts, fresh-caught seafood, Lebanese foods, artisan bread, and a jelly cake made from a 125-year-old recipe.

Chocolate Tours

Chocolate lovers will appreciate two-hour tours where they can learn interesting details about the history of chocolate in Washington, DC, plus get to sample multiple flavor varieties. Chocolate tours are given in Georgetown, U Street Corridor, and Dupont Circle. Chocolate manufacturers in nearby Gaithersburg, Maryland also offer chocolatier tours where guests are educated about the harvesting, fermenting, and processing of cacao trees into delicious chocolates.

DC food tours are popular with tourists and locals alike. If you want to become truly acquainted with a city, you can do so most effectively by dining on its cuisine.


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