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Discover Washington, D.C. by Water

If you think you’ve seen Washington, D.C. already, discover the top attractions and landmarks in a completely different way: by kayaking in Washington, D.C. Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the serenity of taking in the sites on a leisurely Potomac River cruise or a fun and exciting kayak tour. Sightseeing cruises are a nice, relaxing way to capture great photos of the nation’s capital along the Potomac River.

Potomac River Cruise

One of the best and most scenic ways to see Washington, D.C. is down the Potomac River, so if you love the water, climb aboard the Potomac River cruise in picturesque Georgetown and cruise all the way to Old Town Alexandria. Along the way, you’ll see famous attractions, such as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, stunning bridges, including the 14th Street Bridge, and historic landmarks, featuring the Washington Monument, and much more. Choose a one-way trip and exit when you dock in Old Town, or make it a round-trip cruise; it’s all up to you. Some of the benefits of touring D.C. by cruising along the historic Potomac River include:

1. Runs rain or shine
2. 90-minute round-trip cruise
3. Optional hop-off point in Old Town
4. Fully narrated by knowledgeable local guide
5. Unique views of Washington, D.C. landmarks

If you exit at Old Town and decide to return to the Georgetown location, you can do so on a later cruise. Don’t miss out on the chance to view the waterside perspective of Washington, D.C.

Flat Water Kayaking in D.C.

Another way to enjoy the nation’s top sites on the water is by kayak, even if you're new to kayaking or just want a low-key outdoor experience. Kayaking in Washington, D.C. is a popular activity and a great way for any level of kayaker to tour the city sites from a unique vantage point. Paddling down the legendary Potomac River is a breeze, allowing you to catch some of the scenic views of the banks of Washington, D.C. and Virginia along the way. There are many amazing sites as well as stunning architecture to see when you are cruising down the Potomac in a kayak.

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal offers calm waters and an ideal location to enjoy easy paddling among beautiful scenery. Another gentle river in the area is the Patuxent River. For an afternoon outdoors and on the water taking in the site of Washington, D.C. by water, consider kayaking the flat waters of D.C.

Unsurpassed Waterfront Viewing

The Washington, D.C. area is home to some of the most diverse and consistently reliable waters in the country. The most notable body of water is the Potomac River, and what better way to explore the nation’s capital than by kayak or river cruise on this famous waterway. Whether you are kayaking in Washington, D.C. or enjoying a leisurely Potomac River cruise, you’ll soon discover viewing the city from the water is an amazing, relaxing, and calming way to tour Washington, D.C. You really haven’t seen the sites of Washington, D.C. until you’ve viewed them from the water.


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