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  • Discover Washington, D.C. by Water

    If you think you’ve seen Washington, D.C. already, discover the top attractions and landmarks in a completely different way: by kayaking in Washington, D.C. Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the serenity of taking in the sites on a leisurely Potomac River cruise or a fun and exciting kayak tour. Sightseeing cruises are a nice, relaxing way to capture great photos of the nation’s capital along the Potomac River. Continue reading
  • Things to Do this Summer in Washington, DC

    Washington, DC is a fascinating place to visit anytime of year. But there’s no denying that when those cherry blossoms bloom and the summer weather hits, the capital city has so much more to offer. Beautiful sunny days, lush public gardens, world-class architecture and captivating history draw millions of visitors every year. Make the most of your visit by reading up on some of the best things to do this summer in Washington, DC! Continue reading
  • Best Day Trips Near Washington, DC

    Just outside of the nation’s capital, the greater Washington, DC area offers a multitude of fun and relaxing getaways. An afternoon is all the time you need to enjoy these five day trips near Washington, DC. From natural wonders to historic towns, there’s something for everyone less than two hours from the city! Continue reading
  • Experience Washington, D.C., From a River Viewpoint

    Many people who visit our nation’s capital tour the vast selection of sights and museums on foot, on a bus, or in a car. But one of the most interesting views of the city can be found from the deck of a boat instead. Tour operators show visitors as they’ve likely never seen it: from the Potomac River, and it is an intriguing point of view. Here are some of the best Washington, D.C., cruises visitors can enjoy during their stop in the city. Continue reading
  • Explore Washington, D.C., With the Help of Sightseeing Tours

    The bounty of significant memorials, monuments, museums and sites in Washington, D.C., could keep visitors occupied for months as they explore all the city has to offer. But most people one have a few days to take the pulse of the city and see the main sights, so a strategy is helpful when planning a visit. One of the best ways to see the main attractions without getting foot sore is on one of the sightseeing tours in Washington, D.C. Let’s take a look at some of the options that can give visitors more bang for their buck – and timeframe. Continue reading
  • Get to Know Washington, D.C. With These FAQs

    Washington, D.C., is a fascinating city to visit, and it’s a primary destination for families each year. Not only are there many monuments and buildings that are significant to the nation’s history, there is such a wide array of museums and educational opportunities, it can be difficult to narrow down the list of options. We’ve compiled this list of FAQs about Washington, DC, as well as answers to help visitors organize trips to the city. Continue reading
  • Sample the City With DC Food Tours

    One of the tastiest ways to investigate the cultural diversity around the nation’s capital is to embark on DC food tours. By sampling menu items from a variety of neighborhood cafes and restaurants, diners can come to understand the flavors and personalities of the region. Along with trying an assortment of ethnic and regional dishes, guests can learn from their friendly tour guides who point out historical sites and architectural details along the route. In and around Washington, DC, there are plenty of areas to explore during educational and delicious food tours. Continue reading
  • Everything to Know About the Washington DC Cherry Trees

    Spring is a beautiful time of year in the nation’s capital, and one of the reasons is because of the blossoming of the cherry trees. Because the flowers on this tree are so spectacular, the trees are often grown for their pretty pink blooms rather than for their fruit. Over a million visitors flock to DC to see the trees burst into their springtime color, celebrating with a festival of events to honor the splendor. Read on to find out everything to know about the Washington DC cherry trees. Continue reading
  • Springtime Family Fun in the Washington, DC Area

    The weather around the nation’s capital is glorious during the springtime, and so it is a great time to visit. An abundance of opportunities exist to participate in outdoor activities, plus check out museums, galleries, and historical sites. Whether you’re a vacationer from another region or live nearby in Maryland or Virginia, you can enjoy plenty of spring family fun in the Washington, DC area. Continue reading
  • Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation Guide

    Getting around town in Washington, DC during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival can be easy if you know transportation tricks. Because a million visitors flock to this area to take in the spectacular blooms, driving around town on your own can be challenging. Luckily, Washington, DC has topnotch public transportation options, so you can avoid traffic delays and parking snafus. Relax and enjoy your springtime vacation with these Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation Guide tips. Continue reading

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