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  • DC Government 101

    Washington DC is one of the most unique and important cities in the world. It is the United States national capital, home of powerful political figures, and the center of historic and cultural expression for the whole country. It is no surprise that its local government must abide by a unique set of rules. In 1973 the District of Columbia Home Rule Act established the governmental policies that manage the city today. Here are some more DC Government 101 facts:

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  • Washington DC Pro Sports Teams

    Pro Teams to Provide Sporting Action in Washington DC

    There’s no lack of places to visit and things to see in Washington DC. If history and culture have you overwhelmed, make plans to catch a game. No matter what sport is your thing, make plans to catch one of Washington DC pro sports teams the next time you’re in town.

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  • Top Must-See Attractions in the Washington, DC

    Planning a family trip to Washington, DC this year? Whether it is your first trip or you are practically a DC citizen, your experience will be incomplete unless you take time to see some of the top must-see attractions in the Washington, DC Capital Region. Destinations like Ford’s Theatre should be at the top of your list of historically-significant sites to see during your stay in this remarkable area. Whether you choose to drive to each destination on your own or hop on one of the convenient guided tour buses that peruse the city, here are some of the top destinations that should be on your sightseeing list.

    1. The Smithsonian

    While there are plenty of museums throughout DC, the Smithsonian is one that absolutely must be on your list. As you drive up to its regal exterior, you will immediately sense the importance of this large old building. This gigantic research complex/museum is actually made up of 19 different museums and the National Zoological Park. It is estimated that this mammoth of a building holds nearly 137 million specimens, pieces of art and historical objects. From spacecraft to insects, you can truly see it all at this intriguing museum.

    2. Ford’s Theatre

    Celebrate President Lincoln’s legacy and life by planning a visit to Ford’s Theatre. In addition to attending entertaining musicals and plays that celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of early United States, you can also learn more about early American history by attending an author reading and other special events. You may also want to join a walking tour of the theater and view a variety of interactive exhibits.

    3. The Lincoln Memorial

    Of all the national memorials and monuments you can see in Washington, DC, make sure The Lincoln Memorial is near the top of your list. This spectacular attraction is a popular destination among many hop-on, hop-off bus tours and is as awe-inspiring in the daytime as it is as night. Be sure to get your camera out and take advantage of this iconic landmark.

    4. Georgetown

    Want to feel like you have stepped back in time? Take a stroll through Georgetown, the historic waterfront of the capital. There are a wide variety of activities to participate in while visiting this bustling town, including sightseeing tours, fine dining, shopping, visiting the Georgetown Visitor Center and more.

    5. Kennedy Center

    If you like live entertainment, you will not be disappointed by the theatrical productions put on by the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Tickets must be purchased in advance for the various shows, including inspiring concerts by the National Symphony. Every day at 6, visitors have the option of attending a free show.

    Whether your planned trip to DC is short or extended, take the time to enjoy at least one of these must-see attractions and your vacation will become an experience that you will always remember.


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  • Top 10 Things to See at Capital Harvest on the Plaza

    Everyone enjoys good local foods. Add in the freshness of a farmers market and local vendors and you have the Capital Harvest on the Plaza Farmers Market. There you can find a plethora of information on sustainably sourced food and products that are locally available for easy access. You will find a deep sense of community and vendors looking to stimulate local economic growth and increase the quality of life for visitors to the market.

    1. All Things Olive- This family owned and operated company hailing from Montgomery County, MD. They specialize in spices, salts, balsamic vinegars, and specialty olive oils.

    2. Edible Favors- Sweets infused with love and ginger. Owner Denise Dingle has a passion for all things sweet with ginger! She adds ginger to all kinds of tasty treats and the results are spectacular. Make sure to taste her Bread Pudding Cookies and Gingerbread.

    3. El Sabor Del Taco- Tacos, Tamales, Salsa, and Moles. One of the most popular stands at the market. Try a refreshing Horchata with your tacos.

    4. Lynette’s Cakes- Lynette and her Aunt bring you the most exciting cupcakes around. Former contestants on Cupcake Wars, Lynette makes delicious cupcake flavors like Banana Pudding and even makes decadent cookies!

    5. Meat Crafters- A part of the CHoP family since day one. The Berliner Family serves up some of the best jerky, salami, and sausages to our festival goers. All meat is made in nearby Bethesda, MD for that true local taste. Try a salami sandwich or take some frozen meats home with you to enjoy later.

    6. Nitro Creamery- An amazing ice cream boutique that utilizes Liquid Nitrogen to create your favorite flavors right before your eyes. All ice cream is 100% Organic and as delicious as can be.

    7. Thunder Beast- The Root of all Root Beer. Committed to crafting the most unique root beers, and continuing to learn along the way to perfect their craft. Their mainstay root beer is a butterscotch and maple root beer with botanical and honey back tones. A truly wonderful root beer experience.

    8. Island Queen Cuisine- Bringing authentic Jamaican food to the CHoP family. This mother - daughter combo offers Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Patties, and many other authentic Jamaican flavors. Make sure to take a taste of the Ginger Beer.

    9. Tuckey’s Mountain Grown- Wonderful home grown produce from the Tuckey’s Orchard. The family is kind enough to bless CHoP with delicious apples, peaches, cherries, zucchini, herbs and much more. A CHoP original and must see. Local flavors with a smile :)

    10. Zeke’s Coffee- With their store opening soon in DC this bold and flavorful coffee shop has all your favorite flavors with a touch of love and locale. Enjoy an iced or hot coffee while you enjoy the market or take a couple pounds home to enjoy curled up next to a fire with a good book.

    Fantastic food, people, and memories are all to be had this weekend. Come join CHoP’s final weekend of the season and we bring in the fall season with local flavors that are sure to be on your mind once spring rolls back around.


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  • Laugh it Up with The Capitol Steps

    Has your social life been dull lately? Step it up and check out The Capitol Steps, a group of Senate staffers who entertain audiences through political satire. Together the group creates song parodies like “Buy, Buy American Pie” and “Hotel Arizona”, and hilarious skits that mock the very people who hired them in a clever and intelligent way.

    The 32 cast members have worked in a total of eighteen Congressional offices and represent 62 years of House and Senate staff background, so they produce raw, comical material from their own experiences.

    There’s Brian Ash, who once managed the Congress online database and is now The Capitol Steps tour coordinator. Then there’s Jon Bell, who is a fabulous impersonator of Barack Obama. Another member is Richard Paul, who worked for the Senate Labor department and is now one of Capitol Steps’ strongest performers. Not to mention Jamie Zemarel, “Jesus christ Superstar” actor, and Emmy-award winning composer Lenny Williams is part of The Capitol Steps gang as well.

    The Capitol Steps have recorded over 30 albums, their latest being How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying. They’ve been featured on a plethora of broadcast channels, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS. You can also hear them on NPR stations everywhere during their Politics Takes a Holiday radio specials.

    Get to steppin’! Check out live performances by The Capitol Steps every Friday and Saturday at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in D.C., or check out their other events nationwide.


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  • Fun Ways to Stay Fit: Workout Wednesdays

    There are a few warm days left in the year - why not enjoy it and do your workouts!

    If you live in Washington, D.C. or the surrounding areas, get a fun workout for free this week. Experienced and energetic instructors from Fitness & Nutrition Designs, LLC (FiND) will be hosting their last "Workout Wednesday" this week on October 22 in Woodrow Wilson Plaza, and all are welcome to attend. From 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., FiND instructors will take class attendees through a fun yoga and boot camp workout session. Even if you've never tried yoga before, there are no judgments here! After all, the classes are open to all skill levels. It’s a simple way to release stress from work and your personal life and perhaps make some new friends. And what better day to do it than "hump day" smack in the middle of the workweek?

    The class takes place in the plaza in front of the Ronald Reagan building and International Trade Center. They've been held here every Wednesday throughout September and October, but seeing as the weather is starting to get a bit chilly, they're coming to an end. Now is your chance to come and see what yoga workouts are all about. Who knows? You may even find a new hobby to take up this winter. Yoga is a great activity indoors and outdoors.

    There is no fee or prior registration required to attend this fitness class. Drop in; bring a mat, bottle water, and a towel to lie down in. Feel free to bring along friends, family members, and even your co-workers. If you happen to work in the area, this is a great way to get some exercise after work. Everyone could use a fun workout session. Come early and reserve your spot. Namaste!

    Fitness & Nutrition Design, LLC (FiND) provides a balanced approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Their mission is to educate, motivate, and empower clients to reach their health and fitness goals. FiND offers personal training, nutrition recommendations, and healthy lifestyle coaching.


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  • Workout Wednesdays in Woodrow Wilson Plaza

    Guess what day it is! It’s Workout Wednesday, making your Hump day even better. If you’re strapped for cash and need to release that week day tension from work, the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center hosts “Workout Wednesdays”. Workout Wednesdays are fun and stress relieving classes that teach yoga and boot camp sessions every Wednesday for absolutely no charge, 5:30-6:30pm at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza in Washington D.C. What can be better than that?

    Constant deadlines, soccer games, errands, never ending bills…it’s hard to have a chance to breathe, never mind fitting fitness into your busy schedule. Workout Wednesdays make it easy for you—it’s just one day out of the week and at a convenient time. Don’t stress about reserving a spot or calling ahead. Simply show up, grab your yoga mat and some friends, and get ready to get fit!

    Yoga and boot camp sessions can be up to $90 a session. Workout Wednesdays are available to everyone, free of charge, making your exercise convenient and affordable. In addition, professional trainers and yoga instructors from Fitness & Nutrition Designs are provided, giving you the optimal exercise experience.

    If you’re new to yoga or boot camp sessions, don’t sweat it—save your perspiration for the workout! The classes are open to all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or expert. Yoga is an excellent way to stretch and tone your muscles while relieving anxiety and centering your mind. Boot camp sessions are slightly more rigorous and focused on muscle building, and are sure to get your heart rate up. From amateur to advanced, Workout Wednesdays are all about fun exercise, and are open to all.

    Put an end to the Hump day hustle and work out without the expense. Go to the Woodrow Wilson Plaza for Workout Wednesdays! Take advantage of this offer, classes end October 22nd.


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