Welcome to Washington D.C.

Whether you are moving here or just visiting – welcome to Washington D.C. and welcome to so much more than The White House, Washington Monuments, D.C. War memorials and Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

Washington D.C. facts

  • Lowest elevation of DC is sea level. Highest is 420 feet.
  • The population for DC is about 550.000.
  • For the entire Metro it is about 5.4 million.
  • DC has about 70.000 students.
  • About 13% are foreigner born persons.
  • Nationally averages white population is about 80%. In DC it is 39%.
  • Nationally averages black population is about 13%. In DC it is 57%.
  • Nationally about 24% has a bachelor's degree. In DC it is almost 39%.
  • About a third of DC workers are employed by the Government.
  • An average American has about 25, 5 minutes travel to work. In Washington DC the average is about 29, 7 minutes.
  • The primarily industry after the federal government is tourism.

The brief Washington D.C. history

Lets go back in history to the early 1790's when Congress decided for a nation Capital and Maryland and Virginia accepted to give land.

George Washington was the president and he hired the French architect and US Major Pierre L'Enfant to make an overall plan for the new Capital. Inspired by his home, full of French Boulevards and monuments Pierre's vision included other logistics such as canals and avenues. As a matter of fact, Connecticut Avenue is one of the diagonal Avenues and one of his ideas. The Taft Bridge will carry you over Rock Creek Park.

The bridge was built between 1897 and 1907 and has been called an "engineering tour de force" because it is one of the largest unreinforced concrete structures in the world. Beautiful concrete lions welcome you on the bridge. The originally lions were ultimately replaced in 2000 due to deteoriation in the 1990s. Once in Rock Creek Park, a natural recreational area, you'll be able to explore the nation's history, walk along a quiet trail, bike along Rock Creek, attend a Ranger led program or view the local wildlife. 

The major portion of the area lies north of the National Zoo and was established by act of Congress 1890, the same year that Yosemite National Park was established. Potomac River runs south of the Creek.

Today's Washington D.C.

Once you arrive in Washington D.C. you will feel the power of this city. Washington D.C. is a modern metropolis with many historical buildings and monuments which make up our nations Capital. The diverse foreign representations bring in a rich cultural experience, making this city a melting pot.

Sightseeing in Washington D.C!

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